Reproduction buttplates

The reproduction buttplates that we have available are reproductions from an original factory buttplate which came from an original factory buttstock from the original manufacturer. As with any reproduction item a reproduction buttplate could be oversized and require sanding and polishing for correct fitment to an original buttstock. The buttplates can be bent or straightened by placing them in hot tap water for approx. 60 seconds to make them plyable.

The buttplates we offer are compatible with the buttstocks we offer but due to the fact that many gun manufacturers used different buttstocks of different sizes on the same gun and used different buttplates for the same gun during the guns years of manufacture, we strongly suggest that if a buttplate we offer is going to be used on an existing factory buttstock that you inquire as to the size of the buttplate to confirm whether the buttplate we offer is compatible with your buttstock before placing the order.

Our buttplates are listed with the compatible buttstocks on our Replacement stocks web pages.