1/4" Drawbolt with washer

Buttplate w/screws 





Savage/Stevens model 

94, 107B single shot shotgun and

model 24 - 22/410

over & under Combo guns

Model 240 over & under shotgun

Buttstock & Forend

New reproduction standard grade american walnut semi-finished (needs final fitting to the gun, sanded and a finish put on ).

Exact duplicate of original style.

1/4" diameter drawbolt with washer for  wood buttstock. When converting a gun that had a plastic stock to a wood stock a wood stock drawbolt must be used and the short stud removed from the rear of the receiver and not used. The wood stock draw bolt will screw drectly into the reciever.

To keep our 12, 16, 20-ga. forends as economical as possible the barrel channel is for a 20-ga. and can be fit to the 12, 16-ga. guns by opening up the channels.

These stocks are made to fit the guns with tangs  2 3/4" long  x  9/16" wide and with the draw-bolt center 3/4" down from the top tang.