Pisto-grip type buttstock


Straight-grip type buttstock



Marlin modern production 

Lever action 



New reproduction standard grade American walnut semi-finished (needs final fitting to the gun, sanded and a finish put on ). 

Exact duplicate of original style

These stocks are for the modern production lever action guns with the 3 1/8" top and bottom tang, models 30, 36, 39A, 39M, 336, 375, 444,1894, 1895 and others.

To keep our Marlin lever action stocks as economical as possible they are made for the guns which came with a fatter beefier stock. If a skinnier stock is desired there will need to be more wood removed from the stock by the customer or qualified gunsmith.

Also available in laminates as a special order item only


Pistol-grip Buttstock




Straight-grip Buttstock